Three Things Marketing Can’t Fix

Three Things Marketing Can’t Fix

So you’re ready to go in a new direction, you hire a B2B marketing agency to launch a variety of new activities, but you can’t seem to get any momentum. What’s going on? Perhaps its one of these three things that a new marketing strategy can’t fix.

A Broken Sales Funnel
If you can’t get prospects through the buying cycle efficiently, you won’t close more sales no matter how many leads your marketing strategy generates. But fortunately, even small tweeks to your sales process can lead to big increases in your conversion rate that will ultimately drop more dollars to your bottom line. By adjusting message points, aligning follow-ups, and using data to prioritize your efforts, you can increase the percentage of leads that become sales and maximize success for your business.

Bad Customer Service
Once you’ve landed a new customer, you’ve got to make them happy, because happy customers will become ambassadors for your brand who will tell their friends and colleagues all about your product or service. And the opposite is also true: unhappy customers will tell their friends and colleagues, post nasty social media reviews and otherwise make it harder for you to develop new business. By aligning your organization to prioritize a positive customer experience from start to finish, you’ll create the kind of positive sales momentum marketing dollars can’t buy.

Ignoring the Other Three P’s
Product, price, place and promotion… the classic “Four P’s” of marketing. If you’ve got a marketing strategy, you’ve got the fourth “P” covered. But if your price is out of line with what the market will bear, your distribution strategy is flawed, or your product doesn’t deliver the expected benefit to buyers, it’s time to expand your thinking. By looking at your sales and marketing strategy holistically, and analyzing the other Three P’s, you can begin to address fundamental issues that may be holding your organization back.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar? Fortunately, we have experience helping businesses address these kinds of issues and gain momentum in a positive direction. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of fresh thinking and outside perspective.

So if you’re struggling with a sales and marketing strategy that isn’t working and you’re ready for a change, contact us today. We look forward to discussing ways that PIPEDREAM can help!

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