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Today’s Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Today’s Digital Marketing Ecosystem

As a leading B2B digital marketing agency and website design service, we stay on top of the tools and systems necessary to succeed in today’s online world. So if your business is looking to drive engagement that will ultimately generate sales, here are the elements that must be part of your strategy.

High-Performing Website
What’s the difference between a website and a “high-performing” website? The devil’s in the details. High-performing websites are strategic, with a strong call-to-action, and a structure that follows Google’s best practices. They contain engaging, sales-process-aligned messaging, strong visuals, as well as the ability to track visitors and measure performance. A high-performing website not only looks great, it is a tool that will drive leads while returning valuable data that can help you optimize your sales and marketing activities for maximum success.

CRM / MA Stack
Customer Relationship Management software has come a long way in the past decade! And with today’s integrated CRM and Marketing Automation platforms, your CRM can be so much more than a digital Rolodex. Track individual webpage visits, generate lead scores, automate email and snail-mail follow-ups, identify anonymous web visitors, and more. When implemented wisely, a CRM/MA stack is so much more than a customer service database. It’s a critical tool that will amplify your sales efforts, focus your activity and increase your success.

Pay Per Click
It’s today’s Yellow Pages, and it’s somewhere you have to be. A smart Google AdWords strategy will drive qualified leads, and online banner advertising – through Google or other online ad networks – can help generate targeted awareness. In addition, retargeting website visitors can give your brand added visibility throughout the buying cycle. And when there is online advertising activity supporting each phase of your sales funnel, your leads will arrive hotter and your sales cycle will be shorter.

Data Tracking, KPI’s & Baselines
Without data to inform your efforts, you’re flying blind. Google Analytics provides a wealth of information on website performance, heat mapping can help you optimize individual web pages for goal flow and conversion, and digital campaign tracking via CRM and Marketing Automation systems can pinpoint direct sales dollars that result from various online and offline campaigns. By using smart tools to baseline KPI’s and then track them over time, you’ll be able to optimize your entire sales and marketing funnel for greater success.

At PIPEDREAM, we’re experts at spinning up digital marketing ecosystems that help businesses grow. So if you’ve got questions, challenges, opportunities or thoughts to share, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing ways that we can help your business.

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