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You’ve Been Tagged!

You’ve Been Tagged!

If you’ve ever seen banner ads following you around the internet, you’ve been retargeted. For example, maybe you’ve been researching B2B marketing firms or website design companies. And maybe you got “tagged.” And maybe that’s what led you to this article?

If not, pay attention because you just might be retargeted when you leave this article! Read on for a brief description of retargeting, and to learn a couple of ways this type of hyper-targeted digital advertising can help your business grow.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is when a website you’re visiting tags your web browser with a tiny bit of code. It doesn’t identify you personally, but it does let the website know that your specific browser has visited and clicked around.

A variety of ad networks can be configured to recognize this unique identifier, called a “cookie,” in order to show you highly targeted advertisements as you cruise the web. These ad placements can be configured through Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and scores of other online banner ad networks.

How Can Retargeting Help Your Business?

Retargeting can be a valuable marketing tool in a variety of ways. The first is that retargeting can help increase awareness during the buying cycle. When a prospect is online researching their eventual purchase, retargeting allows you to interrupt this process with your brand and message.

Even if a retargeted prospect doesn’t click your ad, you’re gaining added awareness while they’re researching their purchase, checking the sports scores or looking up the weather. And if they do click, they’ll be drawn back into your website, re-engaged, and brought closer to conversion.

A second way to use retargeting is to cross-promote a complementary product or service. For example, you could cross promote raincoats to people who have visited your umbrellas page, or wine to people who have visited your cheese page.

A third way to use retargeting is to introduce a new product, service or promotion to a captive audience. You’ve got a built-in audience of potential customers constantly checking out your website, so why not launch a retargeting campaign and gain instant awareness among this key group of engaged prospects.

When used in conjunction with a holistic digital marketing strategy, including email marketing, pay-per-click, SEO and other tactics, retargeting can help you stay in front of your website visitors with a compelling and targeted message. It can help you increase awareness during the buying cycle, and it will most certainly help you close more sales.

It’s Time to Choose Teams

If you’re interested in discussing ways retargeting can fit into your current digital marketing mix, contact us today. We can help demystify this complex tool, answer your questions, and help you use retargeting to propel your sales process forward.

And by the way, if you’re tired of being a target, clear your browser’s cookies. That’ll hide your tracks as you cruise the web!

Ready To Do Some Tagging Of Your Own?

Let’s discuss ways to segment, tag, engage and convert your prospects. It really does work! We’re ready to play when you are, contact us today to get started.