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What Makes a High-Performing Website?

What Makes a High Performing Website?

All websites are not created equal, and as a leading B2B digital marketing agency and website design service, we know how to design and code for maximum success. In today’s complex online environment, a strong website is more than just pretty pictures and a catchy headline – it’s a tool that will help your business grow. Read on to learn a few things that make a website head and shoulders above the rest.

  • It’s Designed to Convert
    There is a science behind influencing behavior online, and we know how to get your prospects to click. But without a strong call-to-action, you might never find out who they are. A high-performing website asks anonymous visitors to take action and identify themselves by filling out a form, downloading a brochure or making an initial purchase. Then your sales team can take action by nurturing these visitors further through the sales cycle and ultimately closing the sale.
  • It Follows Google’s Best Practices
    Google is the 800 pound gorilla of the internet, but thankfully they are great at sharing the best practices that they want marketers to follow in order to get found online. Responsive design, SSL, meta data, URL structure, page content, load speeds and more – a high performing website follows Google’s best practices to maximize usability and visibility online.
  • It Delivers Valuable Data
    Your website can tell you a great deal about your business, trends in the marketplace and more. It can tell you which pages deliver the best traffic, and it can even tell you which specific pages your individual prospects are clicking on. From analytics to IP tracking to heat mapping and more, a high performing website gives you actionable data that will help optimize your sales and marketing efforts in order to generate the best results.
  • It Differentiates You
    This is where design and messaging combine to set your business apart from the pack. Compelling visuals, bold colors, authentic imagery, and a brand message that differentiates you from the competition are critical to online success. A high performing website tells a powerful story, both visually and textually, about how your business is different. And that means better engagement, more interest, and ultimately more conversions.
  • It Helps You Sell
    A good salesperson knows how to nurture prospects throughout all phases of the buying journey – from initial awareness, to information gathering, to pricing and beyond. And in order for your website to help you sell, it must communicate effectively to prospects at every phase of their journey. A high performing website features layers of content that speak to each phase of the buying process, and delivers hotter prospects that are more informed and easier to convert.

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