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The Latest Digital Marketing Tools

The Latest Digital Marketing Tools

At PIPEDREAM, we’re a B2B digital marketing agency and website design service that stays on the cutting edge of technology in order to develop powerful campaigns for our clients. So what constitutes “cutting edge” in today’s ever-changing business environment? Read on to learn about a few of the tools and tricks we’re currently using to drive success for the businesses we serve.

  • Email Automation
    This is a great way to scale the efforts of a sales team exponentially. Using email automation, we can “spoof” your outbox to send a variety of pre-written notes. Follow up automatically on email newsletter clicks, engage a year-long drip campaign to nurture long-term leads, and come up with creative ways to advance the buying process via emails that look like they’re coming from individual sales reps. Best of all, when a prospect hits “reply,” their note pings right back to their sales rep and they’re none the wiser.
  • Postcard Automation
    Postcard automation allows us to mix and match online and offline touchpoints to build powerful campaigns. Send a postcard automatically to everyone who clicks a specific link, follow up with a real-world “Thank You” a week after the sale, and build ongoing awareness in mailboxes as well as inboxes. In short, we can trigger one-to-one postcard mailings based on your prospects’ online interactions and CRM settings, to more effectively nurture them through the buying process and towards conversion.
  • Heat Mapping
    Curious to know how your website visitors are interacting with a particular page on your website? Interested to know why certain pages lead to lower bounces and higher conversions? Heat mapping may be just the tool to help. Heat mapping tracks the mouse to show where your website visitors click, and it reveals how far down a page they scroll. This window into your users’ online actions can be used to optimize homepages, landing pages, and conversion pages for dramatic results.
  • IP & Browser Tracking
    Ever wondered who is visiting your website? Marketing automation systems can link individual prospects and customers to their online interactions with your business. From web pages to social posts to email newsletters and more, insight into your prospects clicks can translate into knowledge that will help you close sales faster. And even beyond individual prospects, reverse IP tracking identifies businesses that visit your website even before they contact you. This can be a great way to focus outbound sales outreach efforts for maximum success.
  • Geo-Fencing
    If your prospects are going somewhere, we can follow them. Geo-fencing allows us to draw a circle around a specific location and serve online banner ads to mobile phones and tables that enter. So if your industry has a major trade show where all of your customers congregate, this can be a great way to market to them.  We can even tag devices that have entered the fence and then serve banner ads to them after they leave, using retargeting. So if you’ve ever noticed ads following you home from a trade show, now you know why.

Intrigued? If you’re interested in learning more about creative ways we can leverage the latest marketing technology to drive results for your business, contact us today. We’re happy to share examples of how we’ve helped other businesses generate compelling results using these tools!

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