A Foundation for Long-Term Success

A Foundation for Long-Term Success

Live Event Design & Production

What do top concert tours and Fortune 500 brands have in common? Whether it’s The Who or Nike, Lady Gaga or the NFL, Atomic creates live environments that engage audiences and wow fans. They partnered with PIPEDREAM to develop a more cohesive brand strategy that would drive new customer acquisition across multiple services and markets.


After decades working for the biggest names in the music business, Atomic had begun to connect with major brands that wanted to create live experiences of their own. And with a variety of services related to various aspects of live event production, Atomic needed to simplify and streamline their approach to sales and marketing in order to maximize their success within these two distinct markets.

We began by working together with Atomic to uncover a core brand philosophy that could unite their various markets and services around a common vision. We then rolled this philosophy into new messaging, a restructured web presence, and a new content marketing strategy designed to clearly communicate their full range of services to each of their distinct audiences. Using the latest marketing automation techniques, we helped them more effectively target and nurture prospects. And we developed a segmentation strategy that could be applied across the organization to support a full range of KPI’s, from marketing to sales pipeline to revenue and budgeting.

Atomic took these tools and strategies and ran with them, leading to substantial growth. Today, they continue to serve the top names in live entertainment as well as a wide range of international brands. They have gained market share while expanding their footprint around the globe. Most importantly, even after substantial growth, they continue to live the brand philosophy uncovered in our first meetings.


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